We’re Sour Punch — and we were born to deliver sharp marketing that makes an impact.

Sharp marketing,
straight up.

After years in the marketing, events and production businesses we found out that it was all too common to find marketing solutions either too costly, too complicated, or lacking quality.

So we got together on a mission to deliver results in the most flexible and effective way — by creating a custom team for each project we work on.

Our track record of marketing success for clients both local and international, from big financial corporations to exciting startup ventures, makes no challenge too big or small for us.

From in-depth research and strategy, to creativity, design, execution and monitoring, we are the extension of your team whenever you need.

Our Values

Connection is everything.

Connecting sparks opportunities. We foster collaboration with our team, clients and suppliers, always interested in great people, their passions and ventures.

We believe in digital.

Digital enables connection and gives measurable results. Digital has become a part of our identity. That’s where we believe everyone and every business should be.

Let’s be flexible.

In such a fast world, being flexible enables us to be creative, open to change and new trends, and to give our clients what they need, when and how they need it.

We bring value and
we value our work.

We’re fully aware of the effectiveness of marketing when it’s done well, that’s why we carefully select our creative partners and vet the quality of our work.

Services we offer

Branding &
identity design








Have an idea?

That’s where we come in.